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Dream Beach

water landscape photo

Have you seen the movie ‘Contact’ where Jodie Foster travels to another dimension and at the end of the movie is on a beach at night that sparkles whilst being dark at the same time? Sorry if you haven’t seen the movie yet, it is good, you should check it out and I don’t think […]

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Breathtaking backyard landscape

Backyard photography

The folks at Sand and Stone Landscapes got me out to photograph one of their recent backyard creations. This beautiful Sydney backyard complete with stone entertaining area, custom timber fencing, awesome large backyard deck and nice lush grass. Would love a backyard like this for my own home!

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Stunning grass photo


The team at Evergreen Grass asked me to photograph one of their recent installations. Love the bokeh in this photo. If you are a business looking for a photographer to come out and photograph some of your recent work for your portfolio please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. Information on my pricing […]

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Beautiful sunset shot

Beach near night

This shot has become one of my favourites for different reasons. First is the colours, that beautiful warm yellow/gold look that really shines and glistens off the beach waves. The second is the feeling of peace that you get when you look at the couple enjoying their beach walk with their family dog. A great […]

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